iWiO: Reviewers & Press

Request a review product

To request a product for review please email info@iwantitonline.co.uk stating the following:

The product you wish to request.

The publication you work for — including a brief description if outside mainstream media and/or a link to online publications, youtube videos etc.

Any other relevant specifics such as time frame, when the product will be reviewed, what format it will be in for example video or written, where it will be posted etc.

More press enquiries

We also welcome requests from print and online media on:

  • Product images to accompany a review or article
  • Comment on media stories which directly relate to iWiO, for example, an iWiO product which has been shortlisted for an award
  • Comment on media stories relating to Mobile and Gaming accessories and Technology.

For any other press enquiries not covered above, please email info@iwantitonline.co.uk